Tech Learning Challenge

Join KASL members on a professional learning challenge!  For three weeks leading up to the KASL/KLA Conference, beginning September 26th, we will post a tech challenge via Twitter at 8 am, #kaslks.

There will be 15 learning adventures with the 16th one happening at conference on Thursday, October 20th!  BreakoutEdu! 

Complete tasks and add them to a Padlet you create.  After you complete all tasks, submit the finished Padlet link to receive your badge of honor!

Complete tasks each day or do several at one time – whatever works best for you!  If you start later than Sept. 26th click the link listed below to view all tasks. Finish the challenge on your time – 5 days,  10 days or 15 days! Or beyond!

To participate, sign up.

Tasks and Showcase of Learning posts

Questions?  Contact Robin Schrack or Lisa Nocita.

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