KASL Vision Award

The Kansas Association of School Librarians (KASL) gives a Vision Award only when a worthy candidate is nominated by Council, the working body of the organization, and approved by the Executive Committee. The award exists to recognize individuals in or out of the profession who have contributed to the vision of Kansas school library media centers and is arguably KASL’s highest honor.


This year, the Vision Award goes to Gwen Lehman.

Gwen served as President of KASL in 2012-13. Before that, she served as an integral member of the Technology Committee. She very quietly and efficiently brought the organization forward technologically by setting officers up with gmail accounts and nudging people to use the apps that come along with those accounts to conduct KASL business, a system we still use and appreciate today.

Gwen has re-invented herself to provide the services that her district needs and is now Technology Integration Specialist for Fort Larned Unified School District, but she continues to promote the value of school libraries as well as technology integration. Whenever Gwen speaks up on KASL’s email list, her comments are insightful and valuable.

Gwen is not a self-promoter, but her value is evident in the service she provides and the quality of her work. KASL has greatly benefited from her involvement and leadership.

-Martha House

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