ALA Chicago Highlights: AASL Affiliate

KASL sends the President and President-Elect to the ALA Annual Conference each summer because AASL Affiliate meets then, and the real business of the association occurs.

Lucas Loughmiller, KASL President-Elect, at Affiliate Leadership on Friday

In recent years, AASL has been hosting a valuable leadership gathering during the day on Friday. Attendees learn a lot about what AASL offers.

Audrey Church, AASL President, speaks to Affiliate Leadership. Some Region 9 members are reflected in the mirror, and if you look closely, you can see KASL President, Martha House

Saturday evening, AASL Affiliate met to go over the concerns and commendations that the body would be voting on Sunday morning. If you are interested, the business is all online We also learned some tips for successful legislator visits from Cathy Evans, Director of Libraries, at St. Mary’s Episcopal School and a tutorial on the new and improved ALA Connect.

On Sunday morning, AASL Affiliate met for the final voting after some information about AASL initiatives and a lovely breakfast provided by ABC-CLIO.

Region 9 Delegates: Martha House (Kansas), Ann Schuster Regional Director, Betty Meyer (Nebraska), Jennisen Lucas (Wyoming), South Dakota

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