2017-2018 Committees

 Officers and Appointed Positions
Committees  Organization Liaisons
Advocacy/Promotions American Library Association/American Association of School Librarians (ALA/AASL)
Amy Brownlee Martha House/Lucas Loughmiller
Christy Snyder
Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE)
Professional Development Jackie Lakin
KS Library Conference Program Planners State Library of Kansas Board (SLK Board)
Martha House/Lucas Loughmiller/Marla Wigton Amy Gilliland
District Directors and Assistant Directors School of Library and Information Management (SLIM @ ESU)
Chair (Vacant) Bev Buller
Professional Excellence Section
Cathy Paget School Library Media Directors (SLMD)
Lucas Loughmiller
Marla Wigton WAW Book Selection Committee Members
Bev Buller, Chair
Shelia Blume Benjamin Mathews 16-18
Amanda Harrison 17-19
Technology Melissa Carlson 18-20
Tonya Foster/Robin Schrack
Social Media:
Twitter: Martha House
Facebook: Marla Wigton/Rachel Hodges
WebPage: Martha House/Tabitha Hogan

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