Integrating Technology into the Curriculum


 These links are collected to get you started. Please recommend sites you refer to regularly in the comments.

*AASL’s eAcademy

*Nine Things Everyone Should Know How to Do in a Spreadsheet

*Ten Things Everyone Should Know How to Do in a Word Processor

*Nine Things Everyone Should Know How to Do with a Presentation App

*National Technology Standards


*Technology Assistance for Kansas Educators

WebQuests: A model to structure Internet projects

*Webquest Taskonomy

*Locate and Evaluate

*Kathy Schrock’s Guide


Technology Tutorials for Teachers

*Google Tutorials, Richard Byrne

*Technology Tutorials for Teachers

*A Turn to Learn

*Google for Education


*Make Use Of

*Hidden Secrets to Gmail

*Power Your Class with Google Drive

Graphic Organizers

*Houghton Mifflin

*Teacher Vission

 Literature Learning Ladders
 Online Collaborative Project Ideas  Online Lesson Plans
 The Best of Educational Technology Tools




*48 iPad Apps that High School and College Students Love

 Google Maps

*Google Maps Mania


*Khan Academy

*Learn Street



*SAMR in 120 seconds

 Digital Citizenship

*Copyright Simplified

*Copyright: Forever Less One Day

*A Fair(y) Use Tale

Evaluating Internet Resources

 Citing Sources  Rubrics – Rubric creators and guides

*Kathy Schrock’s Assessment and Rubrics






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