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District IV

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District III Agenda

District III, January 28, Newton

Melissa Carlson, Director, District III Slideshow

District III was at the Santa Fe 5/6 Center Library

Rhonda Unruh

Carmine Ternes takes a look at the Makerspace Exploration material

Amy Brownlee, Sterling, provided makerspace material for people to examine.

Robin Hargrave, SCKLS, co-presented Integrating Lesson Planning and Makerspaces. Robin also presented some great resources on autism and the library.

Shelley Davis co-presented Integrating Lesson Planning and Makerspaces –

Rachel Yoder and Rhonda Unruh

WAW Presentation from Bev Buller

Amber Ovsak works on Break-out Edu

Midwinter Highlights Part II

KASL sends delegates to Affiliate Assembly for the Midwinter meeting and ALA Annual in June. Pictured are members of Region 9 who attended ALA Midwinter in Atlanta: Jennisen Lucas and Connie Hollin (Wyoming delegates); Ken Stewart, Intellectual Freedom Contact; Ann Schuster, Regional Director; Marla Wigton, Kansas delegate; Betty Meyer, Nebraska delegate; Martha House, Kansas delegate and Regional Representative

Joyce Valenza’s excellent presentation on the Library Innovator’s Mindset is worth pondering. I really liked her Characteristics of a Transformative Leader infographic.

I am always excited about School Library Month in April and the graphic this year is right down my alley. Save your snaps of cool stuff happening in your library for our own KS Celebration.

Seriously, the person who designs ALA’s graphics knows what she is about.

Atlanta was so beautiful.

Post by Martha House

Midwinter Highlights Part I

Nancy McFarlin, Past President; Marla Wigton, President; Martha House, President-Elect

KASL sends the President and President-Elect to ALA Midwinter every January to participate in AASL Affiliate Assembly. This year Midwinter was in Atlanta, Georgia, and Marla and I were lucky enough to have Nancy come along (on her own dime) and room with us! She also came to several meetings that she did not have to attend, and we picked her brain a lot.

  1. AASL was making a big push for ALA/AASL members to vote in the coming ALA election. Terri Grief is running for ALA President and many AASL members are running for key positions. School librarians are under-represented in ALA. The last ALA president won by 200 votes, and of the 7000 AASL members only 1000 voted, so VOTE AASL if you belong to the national organization. AASL leadership also suggests that you vote for the bylaws change because “it is a step in the right direction.” They also suggested that if voters are overwhelmed by all the choices, they do not have to vote for all the positions on the ALA Board. I think voters can vote for forty, and that really is a bit much, at least for me.
  2. The new standards and guidelines will be launched in the fall of 2017 and will build on current standards.
  3. Bring your administrator for free. The new standards will launch at this conference as well.
  4. If you have not taken a look at the Future Ready information yet, DO. It is fantastic! Select one high impact and one high visibility role you play within the Future Ready framework and showcase it. If your district is anything like mine, nobody wants another thing on their plate, but you can use this framework to celebrate what you are already doing and prove your value.
  5. These Advocacy Toolkits are marvelous as well.
District III


KASL Vision Award

The Kansas Association of School Librarians (KASL) gives a Vision Award only when a worthy candidate is nominated by Council, the working body of the organization, and approved by the Executive Committee. The award exists to recognize individuals in or out of the profession who have contributed to the vision of Kansas school library media centers and is arguably KASL’s highest honor.


This year, the Vision Award goes to Gwen Lehman.

Gwen served as President of KASL in 2012-13. Before that, she served as an integral member of the Technology Committee. She very quietly and efficiently brought the organization forward technologically by setting officers up with gmail accounts and nudging people to use the apps that come along with those accounts to conduct KASL business, a system we still use and appreciate today.

Gwen has re-invented herself to provide the services that her district needs and is now Technology Integration Specialist for Fort Larned Unified School District, but she continues to promote the value of school libraries as well as technology integration. Whenever Gwen speaks up on KASL’s email list, her comments are insightful and valuable.

Gwen is not a self-promoter, but her value is evident in the service she provides and the quality of her work. KASL has greatly benefited from her involvement and leadership.

-Martha House

KASL President’s Distinguished Library Media Specialist Award


Jane Burton

Jane has been in education for 37 years and a school librarian for over 25 years.  She reports to three different administrators as she is responsible for the library needs of the High School, Junior High School, and Elementary School in the Norton School District.

Jane has been a member of KASL since moving to Kansas 20 years ago.  She has been active in the organization in a leadership role, serving as Assistant Director, District Director and hosting District VI workshop twice.  She has been a presenter at the KASL State Conference and attends almost every year.

Jane has shared numerous ideas, lesson plans, bulletin board ideas, and book suggestions, all in the name of promoting a solid library program.

Jane Burton has truly made a difference in the lives of many children, through the library and books!

-Linda Glaze-

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