Ruth Garver Gagliardo School Library Scholarship and KASL Founders Scholarship

(spring application due Nov. 1,
summer application due March 1,
fall application due May 1)

(1. Ruth Carver Gagliardo School Library Scholarship is intended to improve the preparation of Kansas school librarians.
2. The Scholarship is presented in the summer session to earn graduate level credit hours in an approved Kansas college or university.
3. Amount given annually is $500.00.

4. KASL Founders Scholarships are intended to lead to a Master’s Degree (or certification) in Library Education. 5. The Scholarships are presented one in the spring and one in the fall to be used during a semester by a student in a Kansas college or university.
6. Amount given for the fall semester is $500.00 and spring semester is $500.00.)

form available in Word and .pdf

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